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Signature Sasha: An interview with Sasha SOUZA

3rd February 2015

Signature Sasha: An interview with Sasha SOUZA, MBCTM
專訪國際認可碩士婚禮統籌顧問薩莎·索亞小姐Sasha SOUZA

By Beth ERICKSON, Wedding Planner Magazine Editor, LA CROSS, WIS. PHOTOS@ Damien HAMILTION Photography


國際認可的活動策劃師兼碩士婚禮統籌顧問Sasha SOUZA最近在加州納帕發表了她的第二本書: Signature Sasha: Weddings and Celebrations to Inspire. 此書通過SOUZA舉辦過的活動照片,向婚禮行內行外人士提供一些啓發建議,顏色搭配和婚禮的想法等。SOUZA的第一本書:Signature Sasha: Magnificent Weddings by Design獲得獨立出版商圖書獎金獎。最近,婚禮統籌師(Wedding Planner Magazine, 以下簡稱WPM)有機會採訪到SOUZA,以下是我們的對話: Click here to read more.. »

Wendi Riggens

26th January 2013

An in-born talent in photography

Wendi, a countryside girl started posting her Barbie dolls for portriats by using her parents’ camera at her age of 8. Wendi’s passion in photography extends and her special touch to each picture tells the story behind. Inspired by the mother, Wendi did a portrait for 8-month old Miss Maddie who posted as Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Snow White as well as Red Riding Hood. Wendi also shares with us her 2nd child beautiful photos while she was 2-week old. Read more for TIPS from Wendy to make beautiful baby portrait…

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Mr. Clown Kenneth Ng

20th December 2012



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Royal Wedding Tina Liu

4th December 2012


她,白手起家,16年在內地婚慶事業的打拚,成功把新人不信任婚慶策劃的舊有思維扭轉過來,然後非找劉婷的「金夫人蘿亞婚禮」(Royal Wedding)為他們策劃婚禮不可。劉婷的成功,在於她對內地婚慶業發展的堅持;她的成就,已為金夫人蘿亞婚禮帶來年逾3,000萬生意額、擁有全國最好、最專業和最具規模的婚慶品牌的美譽。 Click here to read more.. »

Golden Ladies Mr. Zhou

28th October 2012


ABC國際婚禮統籌協會.大中華區總監Katemagg Chau於6月到訪重慶。重慶金夫人婚慶禮儀有限公司.蘿亞婚禮的創辦人周俊生先生及員工跟Katemagg一同交流,更以特色家鄉菜熱情款待。期間,周俊生先生接受Katemagg訪問,分享婚慶行業的點滴。

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Tented Wedding Terminology

15th October 2012

A little Pre-Planning goes a Long Way
Pam Peplinski, Karl’s Event Services

Just as an artist’s canvas is stretched on its frame and primed for paint, so, too, is the canvas of a tent – awaiting only resolute brushstrokes and blushes of color to transform it from blank to beautiful. “Unlike using an existing banquet facility, a tent can be considered as a bride’s blank canvas,” says Pam Peplinski, director of marketing for Karl’s Event Services, based in Oak Creek, Wis. Banquet facilities carry the limitation of pre-existing décor.

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Ms B Bonnie Gokson

1st May 2012

Bonnie Gokson
Love at First Bite – Ms.B’s Cakery

Bonnie Gokson, Entrepreneur. Style Icon. Lifestyle Diva. Renowned for her innate creativity and impeccable taste and style, making major contributions to the fashion, luxury and lifestyle industries, Bonnie Gokson is officially recognized as one of “China’s Top 100 Outstanding Women”.

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Mr. Right Nelson Cho

25th April 2012

Mr. Right 點滴累積專業「財富」
Nelson Cho, ABP™

從白紙到專業,Nelson建立了他的‘Mr. Right’。準新人在那裏經歷到的,是窩心、體貼和無限創意;信任和喝采是對Nelson的回饋,都是Nelson憑着努力點滴積累下來的「財富」。作為「富有」的專業婚禮統籌師,計劃中的成功之路是怎麼走的?他又如何展望本地婚禮統籌事業的發展? Click here to read more.. »

Sasha Souza Events

20th February 2012

Sasha V. Souza, MBC™
Sasha Souza Events


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