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ABC combines its membership and education advancement tract into a single point system for membership designations. ABC Titles reflect a member’s formal education, self-study training and professional development levels, as well as their real world experience and industry contributions. The higher your ABC designation, the more opportunities are available to you.Membership Designation Points SystemConsultant and Vendor Membership
Designations Points required

Points Required
Certified Wedding Planner (CWP™)
Certified Wedding Flower Designer (CAFD™)
25-49 points
Professional Wedding Planner (PWP™ )
Professional Wedding Vendor (PWV™ )
Professional Wedding Flower Designer (PWFD™ )
50-74 points
Accredited Wedding Planner (AWP™ )
Accredited Wedding Vendor (AWV™ )
Accredited Wedding Flower Designer (AWFD™ )
75-124 points
Master Wedding Planner (MWP™ )
Master Wedding Vendor (MWV™ )
Master Wedding Flower Designer (MWFD™ )
125 points or above

Five Areas Score

Five Areas
Educational and Professional Development
10 points minimum
40 points maximum
Professional Experience in Wedding Industry
25 points maximum
Leadership and Participation
25 points maximum
Professional Industry Contributions
25 points maximum
Other Related Activities in Wedding Industry
25 points maximum

You are required to submit full evidence of all points earned. Please supply “copies only”, only ABC reviews your applications and your copies will not be returned.

Require minimum of 3 years PWP™ /PWV™ and AWP™ /AWV™ title to promote to AWP™ /AWV™ and MWP™ /MWV™ .

Your membership designation from ABC only remains valid with a current ABC Membership.

The Following Required Documents Are Examples For Applications Of Specify Level:

1. Educational and Professional Development:
• Copies of secondary school or college transcripts;
• Annual or Regional conference – training course certificate or letter certificate issued by the county, state consular or directors;
• ABC seminars and all other educational programs – provide copies of documents, which stated
• The course name, date and class number, and a copy of the course certificate.

2. Professional experience in Wedding Industry:
• Business Registration Certificate or Memorandum;
• Provide a copy of the phone bill of a month with the date and company name;
• Business plans and sales promotion program;
• Provide a sales or employment record in wedding related industries;
• A recommendation letter issued by the employer;
• Records of planning, coordination, guidance, products or services supplied to a wedding or activities, recommendation letter from suppliers with clients’ signatures or contracts.

3. Involvement in ABC:
• The copy of the contract with ABC
• The record of letters which certify your job responsibilities within ABC issued by the county or
• ABC directors;
• Instructor – recommendation letter with date;
• Other professional fields – copies of certificate or recommendation letters;
• Other appointed or elected position within ABC – letters from county; the local ABC representatives; directors or the presidents.

4. Professional Contributions in Wedding Industry:
• Copies of published books, press and articles etc;
• Job Reference: a copy of the employment contract or agreement (Please delete sensitive data, such as salary);
• Reference letter such as being guest speakers with date, conference records, rundown, leaflet and thank you letter.

5. Other related activities in Wedding Industry:
• Proof of current membership of other professional associations;
• Letters of appointment issued by Managers or board of directors;
• Copies of the awards.

Corporate Membership

Membership Type
Point Requirement
Number of Professional
(BC / PBC™)
3 Star
30-49 points
4 Star
50-79 points
5 Star
80-90 points

“Point System for Corporate Member” is reviewed in the following areas:

1. Background of Corporate
2. Internal Management of Corporate
3. Propaganda of Corporate
4. Professional Awards in the Wedding Industry
5. Turnover Performance

• Applicant is recommended to send at least one to two employee(s) to study PBCV Program.
• Candidate(s) who pass 2nd Qualification Exam will obtain ABC title: Bridal Consultant.
• Candidate(s) will also obtain Exam Certificate, Membership Certificate and ABC pin.
• Employee(s) is/are required to returned certificate and pin to Applicant when he/she quits.

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