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You can never know enough, and you can never meet enough people. ABC’s founding philosophy rests on education and networking. All of us can benefit from ongoing education, and all of us can benefit by networking with our peers in the industry.

Annual international professional seminars, members of the Professional Development Scheme, a variety of training courses are the effective ways to cultivate wedding professionals. Katemagg Chau, the Greater China director of ABC, has committed to promoting education in the region. To provide professional training courses for developing talents who are within Hong Kong, Macao wedding industry and interested to join the wedding market.

2012, is a good time for ABC to develop the mainland professional training programs. According to the wedding industry survey report released in 2010, 2009 National People’s marriage produces direct consumption which exceeded $ 600 billion yuan. It shows that the development of the entire consumer matrket of marriage is extremely strong. Compared with 2006 figure, the six core wedding product or service areas: photography, wedding hotel, wedding planning company, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, wedding supplies, the fastest growth in the consumption of the wedding hotel. There is an increase of 162%, followed by the wedding dress, an increase of 49.44 percent; wedding jewelry is also an increase of 45.65%.

To face the rapid growth of the wedding market for the Mainland China which we can see the wedding talents are eagerly desire to professional training, so that the professional wedding services can meet customer requirements as well as the world of professional level standards. In order to meet the need of Talent for the Mainland China wedding market, Katemagg extended the professional training program to Shanghai at 2012 which provide university level of professional wedding planning course for local talents.

The future, ABC will continue to put its efforts to promote the professional training in various places. If you are engaged in wedding and events planning industry, with at least two years relevant experience and you desire to participate in the training of ABC’s, begin your ABC professional training just to find the ABC recognized wedding schools nearby you. Please feel free to contact us, we will certainly arrange for you to assess individual group training.

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