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1. Supply background information about the member and the business, or other information deemed essential to the Association’s responsibility to provide factual reports on the profession.

2. Cooperate with Association activities and efforts to promote and improve the professionalism of the bridal business.

3. Respond rapidly and honestly to all complaints forwarded by the Association.

4. Supply, on request, the evidence on which any advertising is based.

5. Adhere to the Association’s Code of Ethics and cooperate with the Association in all matters relating to it.

6. Use the Association’s name, name card, e-mail and logo only as authorized.

7. Pay all Association bills in timely manner.

8.In the event of misconduct or mal practice by any member, ABC reserves the right to terminate the membership and title without compensation and to investigate the liability.


Members of the ABC must:

1. Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.

2. Be committed to professionalism and superior level of customer services.

3. Represent each client fairly and honestly, providing all agreed-to services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

4. Establish reasonable, proper fees for services and providing written estimates to clients.

5. Use honest facts in all advertising.

6. Deal with employees and clients fairly and in an unbiased manner.

7. Disclose to clients any payment from suppliers.

8. Operate a credible business approved of by the Association and the community.

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